Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Growing Grape hyacinths

Hello everybody:

Today is the 27th August 2007.

We are in mid winter, gardens has been very damaged this year by frequent deep frosts, unusual in this area.

Every year during fall I like to sow bulbs, it's allways a challenge (should I did it right?), and when the first leaf start appearing, its a real pleasure!

Each day I take a look over them as if so they will grow up faster....

Daffodils, tulips, gladiolus, wand flower, and this year I increase the group with blue grape hyacinths.

I was a bit afraid because of frosts, I wonder if my bulbs will survive so much cold. And then, on the end of August, the youngest and smaller of them... appears!

Here's all I know about them:

Their real name is Muscari armeniacum, from Hyacinthaceae family.

Their natural habitat is around the Mediterranean Sea.

Prefering neutral to alkaline soil although tolerates a bit acidic one.

Need a very good drainage, and likes a semi-shaded spot but accept sunny.

In colder areas should be dig slightly deep ( 3 or 4 inches), but resists cold winters.

Usually blooms in mid spring. Needs 6 hours of sun daily minimum. The more hours a day, the best blooming.

They self seed and spreads.

See you soon, bye bye !!

Mama Flora

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