Sunday, November 4, 2007

Yesterday today and tomorrow

In the deep of my memory there is the sweet scent of these flowers... they bring me back my mother's hands cutting off some flowers, and the vase at the living room plenty of yesterday-today and tomorrow.

Nowadays it couldn't be missing in my garden. Although this winter was the coolest since 1951, the plant blissfully stayed alive.

Brunfelsia uniflora is the cientific name of the plant, it's on the Solanaceae family (nightshade family), coming from tropical areas of Brazil, grows a bit slowly but has early flowering, it tends to be taller than its wide.

Flowering in spring time with two inches tubular scented flowers, which change their colour as fading from purple to white.

The more sun hours a day it has, the more flowers will give.

It's deciduous or partially deciduous in coolest areas of its range.

Prefer slightly acidic soil, rich with very good drainage, and regular waterings.

Indigenous people from its natural habitat used it as hallucinogens.
It has a long story of indigenous uses for both medicine and magic, mainly in iniciation ceremonies.

Adequate to fight against chills, rheumatism, ulcers, arthirtis, bronquitis, veneral disease and even snakebites.
It could be used in poultice or in decotion mixed with other medicinal herbs.

Roots are considered to be abortive, but are indicated for siphilis, as limph blood cleanser, as diuretic, and as laxative.

Main actions: sedative, analgesic (central nervous system depressant), antiinflammatory and blood cleanser.

Main uses: arthritis, reumathism, general painful and inflamatory conditions, cleanse and estimulate the limphatic system, to relieve menstrual pain and cramps, colds, flu and fever, veneral diseases.

Warning: use with caution in combination with (mono amino oxidasa) MAO inhibitors, sedatives and blood thinners.
Avoid if allergenic to aspirine/salicylates.
Do not exceed recommended dosages.