Monday, September 24, 2007

Beautiful shade

“Ombú” is a very typical tree in Uruguay: poets and singers have made it a symbol of our countryside life.

Under the shade of this magnificent pattern was made our mother country; under its wide treetop shade our gauchos took a rest while harnessing cattle.

It’s a very high performer on our nationality.

Nowadays, those who has espacious gardens, feel delighted on setting up a beautiful shade on it.

And here’s mine.

Just awaking from winter dormancy.

Still very young, but grows quickly... perhaps very soon ovenbirds will choose it to build their nest on. It would be just perfect !

A lot of tender baby-leaves; the younger still reddish.

Named Phytolacca dioica, is relative of the pokeweed.

Has a massive trunk very winding sometimes and many broad branches, some of them emerging from the base of the trunk. That’s why some cientifics say it’s a shrub.

In late spring appears pendulous cluster of little not showy cream-coloured flowers, that fructify during summer-time.

Likes full sun and tolerates parcial shade, but do not tolerates long frosts; withstands temperatures such as 25 or 26º F, deals well on zone 9b, but better on 10b.
Could be perennial or deciduous depending on the climate where it is.

Is drought tolerant because it keeps water in trunks and branches; also tolerant with soil, only need to be deep enough.

All parts of this tree are poisonous, thereby resistant to deers.

See you soon, bye bye !
Mama Flora

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