Saturday, August 25, 2007

Where I live

Uruguay, the very little country where I was born, is on the almost South of South America; heart-shaped, it has a lot of streams and rivers that thrives in green landscapes with a very gorgeous indegenous flora usually not as well ponderated for us as it should be.

My home is in a little seaside village, 40 km far from the main city thorow the East. Very peaceful, in summer-time hundred of tourist are over here up and down and a lot of children in their bikes fill on the air with shouts and laughs. ¡Welcome life!

We have a wood near by where we get sticks for the oven in winter, pick up mushrooms in fall and blueberries in spring. Also some medical herbs.

Our folklore says that flowers of Achycroline satureoides (for us "marcela") should be harvested on Friday's Eastern, so it would be blessed by God and it's curative effect will be the best.

Dunes along the coast, each year winds from the sea and winter storms change their heigh and shape, but they never desappear at all...

A pound in the wood looks so beautiful every spring...!

It's a real pleasure to live here all year round.
Mama Flora


Cynthia Padilla said...

Saw your blog link at the UCB forum of which I am a member also. This is Uruguay??? It is so lovely!
thanks for sharing.
Cynthia Padilla, Sketching & Drawing. Garden & Hearth

MAAZ said...

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